Our online store offers a secure online card payment option to customers, provided by CIB Bank. Its safety and security lies in the separation of data – our online store only receives the information related to the order, whereas CIB Bank receives the bank card details necessary to complete the transaction on a 256-bit TLS encrypted payment processing page. The information submitted on the payment processing page is only available to CIB Bank and our online store has no access to it. Customers will receive confirmation of the transaction results from our online store after completing the payment. Each customer’s browser is required to support TLS encryption in order to complete the online card payment transaction.

The funds to cover the purchased items/services total cost price will be immediately reserved on the bank account linked to the card. For more details, please read our information booklet!


Welcome to our online store, featuring CIB Bank´s secure online payment process!

The information provided below will guide you through our secure online ordering process. OR Below you will find information on how to order online safely.

What to pay attention to when ordering online?

  • Read carefully the information on our online store, including the terms and conditions of ordering, delivery and payments!
  • Review the online store´s security features as these guarantee the safety of your personal data!
  • Keep records of your order information!
  • Keep records of your payment transaction details, such as transaction ID and payment authorisation number!
  • Never share your card details with a third party!
  • Use a browser that supports TLS encryption!

About security

TLS stands for Transport Layer Security, which is a method used for encrypting data. Our bank has a 256-bit encryption key, which protects the communication channel. A company called VeriSign enables CIB Bank to access the 256-bit key used in the TLS encryption. Today, 90% of all electronic transactions use this method of encryption. With the help of TLS, the customer’s browser encrypts the card details prior to sending them in a coded format to CIB Bank, making the information unreadable to third parties.

Accepted cards

CIB Bank´s online payment processing system accepts Mastercard/Maestro, VISA and VISA Electron (in case of VISA Electron only if the issuing bank permits online payments), as well as digital cards that allow online payments.

Payment process

  1. After placing your selected product(s)/service(s) that you wish to purchase online in your cart, proceed to checkout.
  2. Fill in the order form and choose “Proceed to CIB Bank”, you will then be redirected from our online store to CIB Bank´s secure online payment processing page.
  3. After providing your card details, click “Pay Now” to initiate the transaction.
  4. Upon completing the above process, you will be redirected back to our online store, where you will receive a confirmation of the transaction´s result.

Once the transaction has been approved – which means the card has been authorised for payment after verifying its details, validity and debit / credit balance – CIB Bank initiates the withdrawal of funds from the card holder’s account for the amount of the purchased goods or services.

If you are not being redirected back to the online store from the payment page, the transaction has been declined. Clicking the browser´s “Back” or “Refresh” buttons, or closing the browser´s window / tab before the payment is processed results in an unsuccessful transaction.

If you wish to receive more information on the transaction in case your payment has been declined / unauthorised or its reason, please contact your bank.

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