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Antioxidants in cells and food: role and importance

Antioxidant substances have an essential protecting role in human and animal cells, however, sometimes, their function need to be supported, in which Immunovet can be helpful for our animals.

Effects of Immunovet on horses of different ages and types

Immunovet can help preserving horses’ health, condition and performance during their whole lifetime.

Immunovet has a proved beneficial effect on the general status of our companion animals

In a survey, conducted in 2018, Immunovet was found to enhance companion animals’ weight gain and to improve the quality of their fur and overall health.

In 2018, a total number of 60 dogs and cats were involved in a study, where they were fed with Immunovet for 8 weeks, while the owners were given a questionnaire to record the observed changes on their pets. They had to keep track of their pets’ body weight, appetite, fur quality, behavior, symptoms (if the animal had any illness at the beginning of the study) and the occurrence of side effects.

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