How to order

I. Please choose the item to be ordered then put it on your shopping list by clicking on the CART button.

II. By clicking on the cart icon you can trace the quantity and value of the items in your CART, and you can change the composition of your order at any time.

III You can start the order and payment process for the items in your CART by clicking on the ORDER button and completing the user data sheet.

IV. On the order form, the CART content shows the list, quantity and value of the items you intend to purchase. Here you cannot change your list any longer; you can only modify your order after clicking on the BACK button.

V. In the Online Payment Information section of the Order form, you can choose whether you wish to pay by card, EUR based settlement or other ways (Czech koruna based bank transfer or PayPal) ((To pay for your order please choose a payment method)

VI. Payment method (To pay for your order please choose a payment method)

VII. Please specify the following particulars for your order to be accepted:

  1. User data (Add your e-mail address, where we can send notifications related to your order.)

  2. Delivery and invoicing information (Fields marked with * asterisks are to be completed on a mandatory basis)

  3. Coupon (If you have a discount coupon you can enter its number here, then you can validate your order by clicking on the Add coupon button.)

Delivery services (You can add the requested delivery date here. Please note that this date is for information only; the exact date can be agreed via the phone or e-mail if necessary). The system automatically displays delivery charges and adds them to the total payable amount.

  1. Note (You can add further information related to your order here.

VIII. Agree to terms of purchase: to finalise your purchase please agree to our Terms of Purchase by clicking on the box. You can finalise your order by clicking on the CONTINUE TO THE NEXT STEP button. 

IX. On the “Review your order” page, before completing your order, this is the last step when you can still modify your shopping list or correct it by clicking on the BACK button, or you can change your delivery and invoicing details.

X. By clicking on the CONTINUE TO PAYMENT button, you can complete your order.

XI. After the purchase you will receive an e-mail notification generated by our system. This e-mail contains all the details of your order: the order date, the ordered items, delivery and invoicing addresses, the payment method and delivery method.
Please keep this confirmation e-mail until your order is fulfilled.

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