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Clinically proven Immunovet benefits for healthy and recovering horses:

  • Maintenance of good physical condition, performance and quality of life
  • Immunostimulatory effect
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Antioxidant effect
  • Supports the maintenance of health
  • Better fur quality
  • Reduction of fur and skin-related symptoms (hair loss, itching, ear infections)
  • Higher vitality (increased playtime, more dynamic movement, less sleep)
  • Increased appetite, helps reaching healthy weight
  • Less sensitivity to stress
  • Supports the animal in weakened state
  • Positive effect on the integrity of intestinal epithelial cells
  • Better fertility rate
  • Supports the natural protective function of the intestinal canal (protection against harmful substances absorbed by food)

Ingredients: fermented wheat germ extract with corn flakes and natural colouring matter and flavour

Humidity: max. 7%,
Nutritional values in the dry matter:
crude protein: min. 17%,
crude fat: min. 4%,
crude fibre: max. 6%,
crude ash: max. 5%.

Best before: within 2 years from production.

Net weight: 1000 g

For healthy horsers: 10 g/ day. 

To supplement veterinary treatments: under 500 kg 15 g/ day, above 500 kg 20 g/ day, foals 10 g/day.