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Immunovet Kft. (hereinafter “the Service Providers”) shall process any personal data they become aware of during the use of the website in accordance with the provisions of Act LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data and the Disclosure of Information of Public Interest.

Where you submit any of your personal data to the Service Providers, this constitutes your consent to their recording and processing by the Service Providers.

You can request the deletion of your data in a written request sent to the Service Providers (via e-mail).

Service Providers can use any data you submit to them, in particular but not limited to, for the following purposes:

  • compilation and analysis of visitor statistics

  • information on new products and services,

  • information on special offers,

  • handling customer complaints and feedback

  • administration of orders

All product images and text on our websites are subject to copyright protection and trade mark protection. Accordingly, they can only be used in any form subject to the express prior permission of the Service Providers.

The Service Providers shall not assume any moral or financial liability for links to external websites and the content accessible on those websites.

The Service Providers disclaim any liability for damage, losses or expenses arising from the use of the websites, their unusability, inadequate operation, malfunction or unauthorised modification of the data, or any delay in the transmission of the information, computer viruses, defective line or system failures or similar reasons.

Any information, text or comment submitted to the Service Providers via the website shall become the property of and can be used freely by the Service Providers.

The Service Providers shall process any data submitted to them via the internet subject to the same safeguards as if they were submitted in any other way.


What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files sent by a visited website to your browser. They assist the website to remember information related to your visit, such as the language you use and other settings. This might make further visits to the websites smoother and the use of the website becomes easier. Cookies play an important role. Without them, using the Internet would be more difficult.

What do we use cookies for?
We can use cookies for many purposes. We use them to count visitors to our website and make the use of our services easier.

Your continued use of this website constitutes your consent to our cookie usage.