Immunovet Pets granulate 1000g


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Immunovet is an immune booster food supplement for animals containing fermented wheat germ extract produced by a biotechnology process. It has been successfully used by veterinarians, farmers, breeders and zoos since 2003.

Immunovet granulate can be mixed into feed, and does not contain any flavouring.

Our experience shows that the granulate is preferred by cats due to the easy-to-eat powder formula of the product.

Immunovet products support the maintenance of health and help in stress situations or other weakened states of pets.


Immunovet Pets granulates ingredients

Composition: fermented wheat germ extract, fructose, magnesium-stearate, natural flavour, carboxymethyl-cellulose extract

max 8%

Nutritional Value in the dry matter:

Crude protein: min. 12%
Crude fat: max 4%
Crude fibre: max 3%
Crude ash: max. 4%

Keep at room temperature!

Immunovet Pets granulate dosage

As an overall complement, 1 gram per each 10kgs of body weight daily. That amount can be doubled as necessary to achieve more enrichment.