Immunovet Pets tablets for small mammals 100pcs



Natural immune-boosting tablets for small mammals.

Immunovet is an immune booster food supplement for animals containing fermented wheat germ extract produced by a biotechnology process. It has been successfully used by veterinarians, farmers, breeders and zoos since 2003. 

The Immunovet flavoured tablet is consumed by pets with joy; the product can also be given as a treat.

Immunovet products support the maintenance of health and help in stress situations or other weakened states of pets.


Immunovet Pets tablets ingredients

Composition: fermented wheat germ extract, fructose, magnesium-stearate, natural flavour, carboxymethyl-cellulose extract

max 8%

Nutritional Value in the dry matter:

Crude protein: min. 12%
Crude fat: max 4%
Crude fibre: max 3%
Crude ash: max. 4%

Keep at room temperature!

Immunovet Pets tablets dosage

For smaller animals: 1 tablet per day
For larger ones: 2 tablets per day